Marmo Stone (P) Ltd. begin their journey in the house of imported marbles and granites from Year 2013. With the establishment of Marmo Stone, the management team has the vision to import most finest quality of natural marbles and granites products to Indian soil and subsequently widen the scope to deliveries to other associated countries in Indian Sub-continent.

Before establishment of Marmo Stone, the companies Directors had rich experience of over 2 decades in Indian Marbles and Granites but considering the demand and continuous interest of clients in Imported Marbles & Granites and its necessity to Indian market, Marmo Stone (P) Ltd. was formed with the vision to remain loyal and transparent to all customer and end user and deliver high quality marbles and granites at the most competitive price.

Within 5 years, the company has state-of-art facility in Sahibabad, Ghaziabad where all products are shown at once and a processing unit in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan to cut the marble blocks into slabs with the use of most technically qualified machines available in the market.

The company has the strategy to deliver only the finest quality of marbles and granites and this is ensured by carrying continuous stringent checks and inspection at all stages from procuring to shipping to cutting by the senior management thus meeting the client requirement at the most competitive price. 

Management and Director’s Desk

Marmo Stone is lead under the supervision of Mr. Rajesh Jindal, who has the vision to bring the finest quality of natural marbles and granites to Indian Sub-continent. Mr. Rajesh has rich experience for more than 2 decades in selecting the high quality natural marble and granite products and thus expanded his vision in 2013 to start importing only the finest quality of marbles and granites. With his versatile knowledge in the industry, he is taking the lead in purchasing the stones, every block is inspected by him personally before processing into the machines. He is also taking a huge role in analyzing the Customers requirements and thus improving the companies strategies on day to day basis.

Mr. Yogesh Jindal, is leading the entire sales division of Marmo Stone and responsible for delivering and supporting the Customers in identifying the right quality of stones based on the their requirements. Mr. Yogesh Jindal is the backbone of Marmo Stone as nothing goes well if the sales division does not perform and meet the Customers requirements. Mr. Yogesh is also leading the Customer support division, ensuring transparency with all Customers and provides all technical expertise and information related to laying down the stones wherever required.

Mr. Gaurav Jindal, being an Engineer and youngest in the family, worked in the aviation industry and supported the construction of various international airports both in India as well as outside India brings the right expertise to lead the Company’s business development department. He is also leading the marketing division of Marmo Stone’s and also offers a key role in Companies strategical approach and actions.

Company has the vision to “Delivery high quality Marbles and Granites  at the most competitive price”

Director’s Desk:

“When the house is getting build by an individual, we believe that it’s a milestone in his life. Building a home take years of hard work and one sees this dream come true after several years of extensive hard work. We at Marmo Stone are committed to support in achieving this milestone by delivering the high grade natural marble and granite products at the most competitive prices in the market.”